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Month of Nov 2020

You always breathe a sigh of relief that’s a little louder than everyone else’s when your leader Mercury comes out of a retrograde cycle like it does while in Libra on November 3. You feel like a weight has been lifted off you now, and communicating your feelings won’t be as awkward.

The Mercury-Saturn square on the sixth benefits from Capricorn’s earthy energy, so you should be able to use your logical and common sense to work out a romantic issue that’s been bothering you lately. Do your best to shut out all unnecessary distractions, especially a romantic rival who would love nothing better than to hinder your progress.

Mercury exits Libra to team up with determined Scorpio on November 10, so you’ll try a little harder to get your thoughts and opinions heard. You don’t usually insist on having the last word, but it’s important to you now that the person you love or are interested in really hears you out. You’ll be able to tell when they’re just nodding their head in agreement but not really listening.

The sun enters fiery Sagittarius on the twenty-first, breathing new life into a romantic situation you thought had fizzled out. This enthusiastic energy is a reminder to never to give up, Virgo. You might be down, but you’re never out when the Archer aims a red-hot arrow at someone’s heart.

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