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Love Horoscope This Month

Month of Nov 2020

A difficult Mercury-Saturn square on November 6 has both Libra and Capricorn energy. When air and earth mix, you could have a serious conflict of interest. Communication is mostly serious now, but can you handle it when it isn’t?

Loving Venus, your ruler, squares unrestrained Jupiter on the sixteenth, expanding your love life but making you ask more questions than you’re able to get answered. Is the person you’re with truly your soul mate? If single, do you feel like you’re meeting the right kinds of people? It might be time to explore alternate paths.

The sun partners with daring Sagittarius on November 21, giving you the opportunity to take romantic risks that you might not have considered before. What will happen when you leave your comfortable bubble of security and explore a more exciting romantic landscape? There’s so much to look forward to!

Love-focused Venus isn’t very comfortable as she begins her journey through intense Scorpio, also on the twenty-first, but commitment will be the main thing on your mind. If you’re already with someone, your loyalty won’t come into question. However, if you’re just getting to know someone, talking about the future too soon could scare them off.

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