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Month of Nov 2020

Chatty Mercury is in balanced Libra when it goes direct on November 3, but it reenters your sign on the tenth. The sun is already traveling through your powerful sign, so you’re direct and to the point when it comes to your desires. Your words are loud and your actions are louder.

Your co-ruler Mars is paired up with Aries, the other fiery sign it rules, when it goes direct on November 13. This time you act before you think, which could land you in hot water with a current partner or shock someone you’re just getting to know. You don’t have any excuses now, but that’s okay. You don’t really have any regrets either.

A new moon rises while in your shadowy sign on the fourteenth, so you’ll definitely be attracted to some of the darker things about love. Obsession and jealousy mix with taboo thoughts, putting you on the edge of a passionate danger zone. It’s your decision what to act on and what to keep as pure fantasy.

Venus, ruler of love and money, enters your confident sign on November 21, bringing these two areas of your life into the spotlight. While you’re sure that you’re moving in the right direction, make sure your partner agrees before doing anything with joint funds. If you’re single, making an investment in your future now could really pay off for your love life down the line.

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