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Month of Nov 2020

The end of the last Mercury retrograde cycle of the year on November 3 means you can get back to some more routine communication. When that’s off, everything seems off, but getting back to “normal” might take some time. If a dating app you’ve been using has been unavailable or glitchy lately, it should be working again.

Mercury heads back into Scorpio territory on the tenth, so your intuition will be dead-on. It’s not hard for you to figure out what your partner is going to say before they say it, but finishing their sentences for them seems like a magic trick to people who have never experienced a closeness like that! Single Lions, let your subconscious guide you to your next great love.

There’s a trying Venus-Saturn square on November 19 that brings disappointment to a romantic situation you’ve been trying hard to overcome. If your love wanders away, even briefly, your emotions could spin out of control now.

Seductive Venus also moves into Scorpio on the twenty-first, giving you a double dose of that intense emotional energy. This sign plays for keeps, so you’ll feel the intensity grow between you and someone new in the coming month. If you’re already in a relationship, watch for feelings of jealousy and don’t let them mess with your ego.

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